AIM Metals | ACM WET SEAL 283, 331, 330 TESTED

ACM WET SEAL 283, 331, 330 TESTED

ACM Wet Seal is a non-load bearing, virtually maintenance free system. With the use of sealed joints to create a dry wall system; it as an effective way to provide the modern metal panel look while adding water-tight engineering. Great for all exterior facades, canopies, eves, and soffits. With a variety of product finishes available, lustrous metals to prismatic colors, you can achieve your desired look while also providing superior flatness, durability, and sustainability. Not only does this system provide better water/vapor protection, it also increases the structural integrity of the panel system making it perfect for higher wind loads and versatile applications. With this system, damaged panels can quickly and easily be replaced without disturbing or adjusting adjacent panels.


  • The most versatile product AIM offers
  • Has the ability to be curved and offers a curved radius
  • Individual panels are easily removed and replaced
  • Potential LEED credits
  • Available in natural metal finishes
  • Can be applied on almost any exterior wall application, from entire buildings to designed accents
  • Backed by ASTM 283, 330 and 331 testing
  • A 100% recyclable, sustainable product
  • Fire rated core available
  • Made in the United States of America by a local community workforce
  • Superior weather tightness
  • Incredibly light, smooth and long-lasting
  • Exceptional for slab-edge covers and incorporating into glazing systems
  • Made from 50% or less recycled content
  • Available in Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 with 20-30 year finish warranties

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