AIM Metals | ACM RAINSCREEN 508, 330, 331, 283 TESTED

ACM RAINSCREEN 508, 330, 331, 283 TESTED

The ACM Rainscreen is a non-load bearing effective aesthetic cladding with a modern contemporary appearance. Not limited to exterior applications, it is a multi-versatile system that provides clean reveal lines, perfect for curved surfaces, provides superior flatness, durability, and sustainability.  Virtually a maintenance free system that can be installed during any season of the year. The ability to create specific looks with a myriad of product finishes from metal metallic to specialty wood makes it adaptable in numerous applications.




  • Panels can be fabrication in nearly any shape and size to conform to any design concept
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Backed by AMAA 501, 508 and 509 testing
  • Made from 50% or less recycled content
  • Fire rated core available
  • Provides superior air and moisture management
  • Eliminates unsightly caulk lines
  • Backed by ASTM 283, 330 and 331 testing
  • Available with Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 with 20-30 year finish warranties
  • Made in the USA by a local community workforce
  • Extremely durable, superior flatness and lightweight
  • Performs as an amazing weather barrier
  • A 100% recyclable, sustainable product
  • Potential LEED credits
  • Available in natural metal finishes

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