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Architectural Innovative Metals is an industry leader in architectural metals; specializing in fully engineered, complex interior and exterior cladding systems. Our projects have utilized a broad range of materials such as ACM/MCM (aluminum and metal composite material) exotic metals, plastics and phenolic materials. We offer international-building tested products including Rain Screens, Dry-Wall, Plate and Flat-Lock Systems. With years of experience in the architectural metal industry, we can provide a solution to meet any requirement and design – interior or exterior – with complete integration into your building’s concept. Contact us today to discuss an option for your next project.


Public Work

Architectural Innovative Metals has a proven history of providing high-quality products to public and institutional customers. Our products meet the stringent requirements of institutional projects and have surpassed the quality standards set by many public entities as evidenced by our extensive ASTM and TAS testing certifications.


Private Work

Architectural Innovative Metals can meet the demands of any private project from a small house to a new athletic stadium and beyond. Many of our products are available in small quantities, allowing owners to seek a high performance cladding system without facing “minimum run” quantities which only add to project costs. AIM can help you select the right product at any price point to ensure a successful and cost conscious project.


Corporate Work

Whether you’re looking for a new brand identity or just refreshing an existing one, Architectural Innovative Metals has a product that will make your brand stand out. Our panels are available in a large variety of color options and we have the ability to custom match colors for corporate logos and create one-off designs for a unique brand identity.

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